Why Healing Fields?

I grew up in southern Manitoba. In a tiny Mennonite town surrounded by farms. I can still remember the feeling of driving across the flat prairie, surrounded by fields of growing things. Wheat, flax, canola. Mustard and sunflowers. Potatoes and sugar beets.

It was calm. Peaceful. I may not have known exactly what I was looking at, but to me, those fields were life. Stability, security, sustenance. The stuff that made my happy childhood possible.

The prairie will always represent that feeling of peacefulness, to me. It’s something I long for when adult life becomes too bewildering. Solid ground, clear blue skies, endless horizons. Sometimes I think, if I could just get back there, everything would make sense again.

That is why I named this site Healing Fields.

Why am I here?

I am studying naturopathic medicine. This was originally supposed to be the website for my naturopathic clinic, once I graduate and pass all my qualification exams and am licensed to practice. I may still use it for that in the future. And maybe it would make more sense to start building this site up in preparation for that. But right now, I need to use it for something else.

I have problems. They may or may not be more significant than what most people face. But I won’t be ready to help others with their problems until I’ve dealt with mine.

That was my goal, of course, when I started naturopathic medicine. I would heal myself, first; then I would be ready to show others the way.

Unfortunately, fixing myself has proved to be more difficult than I’d planned.

But, after 5 years of studies, and multiple failures, I think I may have finally found an answer. One that can help me, and others like me. I’m confident enough about this, that I’m ready to document it. Right here, with everyone watching.

This is the place where I will heal. 

I don’t know if you will find healing here, too. I’m just finding the way, myself. But I’ve watched others forge their own path toward health, and learned from their experiences. Maybe you can learn from mine.

What I’m Doing

I’m changing the way I live. Starting right now.

What I eat. How I sleep. How I spend my days. How I think, how I speak, and how I treat myself – and others.

It’s all changing.

It’s not going to be easy. But it will be worth it. I need this.

A Necessary Disclaimer

I am not a doctor.  I’m not here to give medical advice, or to diagnose any illnesses. For now, I’m just changing my own life, and putting it out there. For better or worse, here we go.


C. M. Gibson